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We need your case studies! How do I do that?

Case Study – simple example

School Librarians are constantly moving forward, thinking of new ideas and trying new things out. As Liz Free says above ‘[Librarians] bring with the expertise that enhances the learning preparation with teaching staff” and sometimes that is very much based on thorough research and reading around the topic, like in the case study example found here.  However many changes made in school libraries are made through conversations with teachers, an awareness of curriculum needs and sometimes even a gut instinct that something needs to change. We don’t all have time to do the research first before we try something out.

We know that it takes time to write a case study especially if you have to find the research and the evidence of outcomes so I wanted to share with you one that I did recently. I wanted to ensure that our students were using our ebook collection more, it was that simple. My case study clearly states just that and ok when I started to fill it in I realised that I had read something recently that probably helped my decision but I believe I would have gone ahead and tried it anyway. I knew I had to do something or stop paying for the ebooks and I was not ready to give up just yet.

I have uploaded my own case study so that you have another example that shows something simpler. There are times when we do have to do lots of research for our big projects, but for our everyday changes, that also have an impact, we use different methods to make those decisions for change. I hope it helps persuade more of you to create your own case studies and send them in.

To fill in your own case study download it here. Case Study Template

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