Research into school libraries

Many school librarians find their role under threat or need to find a way to ask for more budget. In order to help build a case we have put together a small list of research reports and articles that  show the value of school libraries. So, whether your library is under threat or you want to put a case forward for a new initiative we hope that you will find a starting point here.

Evidence Base


Useful Quotes


School Libraries Matter: A year of research


School Library Impact Studies

School libraries Literature review: Current provision and evidence impact 2017


School Libraries: Why children and young people use them or not, their literacy engagement and mental wellbeing

Research on Impact of School Libraries

How do librarians in schools support struggling readers - PDF

Impact of School Libraries

School Libraries are essential


Exploring the Literacy-Related Behaviors and Feelings of Pupils Eligible for Free School Meals in Relation to Their Use of and Access to School Libraries 

Students need school libraries research page. 

School Librarians as Literacy Educators in a Complex Role

What is the literacy supportive role of the school librarian in the United Kingdom? 

How can school libraries support student wellbeing? Evidence and implications for further research.

National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland, Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools  

Revisiting Collaboration Within and Beyond the School Library: New Ways of Measuring Effectiveness 

Lizard People in the Library

Advocacy - Proving your worth 

2020 School Library Survey - SLA/Softlink