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Great School Libraries

Every child deserves a great school library

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring libraries and access to librarians back to every school in the UK.
Use the links above to learn more about the campaign and find out how you can help.

What is a great school library? 


“A school library is a school’s physical and digital learning space where reading, inquiry, research, thinking, imagination, and creativity are central to students’ information-to-knowledge journey and to their personal, social, and cultural growth"

IFLA Guidelines 

"International evidence indicates schools with libraries and librarians impact positively on reader enjoyment, children’s attitudes to learning and reading outcomes and attainment.

A quality school library is every child’s right. "

Teresa Cremin Professor of Education (Literacy) at The Open University in the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies.


Great School Libraries are delighted that BookSpace are our official campaign sponsor.  BookSpace is the UK's leading primary school library design service and provider of library furniture for schools.  

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